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Nothing is more important in today’s world than hosting an event with people and getting to connect in real time. With AI taking over so much of what we see in reality, it is refreshing to host events and valuable to look at true images from them. These are the things that make up the pauses in our life and we need to have an object or a way to reflect on those experiences so we can truly value them.

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Corporate Events

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TIME Magazine features Minneapolis photography by Alison Malone
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Your wedding day is the both the longest and shortest day of your life. We spend so much time planning these events and, due to the excitement and throw of the day, it’s almost impossible to remember it in any way except a blur. The photographs that we make of this day are truly what you get to hold on to forever.

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There’s nothing harder than working on a huge party or celebration for a major moment or milestone in your life only to turn around and realize that no one took a picture. Having to rely on your guests and their cell phones is not the way that anyone should remember something they put this much effort into. By having an experienced team photograph your event, you get to enjoy the event itself.

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Joshua’s 1st Birthday

Luana + Carl’s 50th Anniversary

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Corporate Events

In person interactions are the most driving component for brands to reach their target audience these days. The way that we make people feel while interacting with our businesses and products is how they will continue to speak about your company. having proper documentation of any event that is created for the benefit of your company only offers you a point of connection with your future customers.

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At Malone Portraits, we specialize in creating custom albums and wall art that capture the essence of your special occasion. Whether it’s a wedding, celebration, or corporate event, our personalized albums and stunning wall art pieces serve as timeless reminders of the unforgettable moments you’ve shared. Let us transform your cherished memories into beautiful, tangible treasures that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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