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Photography Services

Portrait Services

The single, most important thing that goes into creating a good portrait is the element of trust. Creative photography can be expressed in many different ways, but the act of seeing another person, and being seen by someone you trust, elevates the experience to level that uses synergy to attain a need level of understanding oneself.


When working with families, my main goal is to ensure everyone can express themselves authentically, fostering a collective energy of love and appreciation. I love seeing the dynamics between children, siblings, parents, and grandparents unfold. Working on a family portrait with me guarantees a positive experience where personalities shine within the group.

senior portrait of beautiful young girl in Minneapolis


Being a teenager is both thrilling and challenging, a crucial phase of self-discovery. I believe in giving each teen my undivided attention, understanding the significance of every detail to them. My passion lies in working with queer and neurodiverse teens, recognizing the trust needed for them to express themselves authentically, a trust often overlooked by adults.


Becoming a parent is a profoundly humbling and beautiful journey. In newborn photography, I capture not just the baby, but also the surrounding elements of the family’s welcoming environment. Similarly, photographing small children allows me to preserve their attachment to specific objects and clothing, fleeting reminders of their precious early years. Childhood is a precious gift, and I believe in creating enduring memories to cherish once the haze of sleep deprivation clears.

Headshots & Business Branding Photos

With over a decade experience working with high-end advertising agencies, I have the skill set and the visual language to communicate clearly to your clients what your strengths are and why they would want to connect with you. From a single headshot to creating a custom content library to use across your web and social media platforms, I help businesses put their best foot forward and create the trust that they need with their clients.

Professional headshot of young and vibrant Asian woman smiling


Headshots are primarily used on social media and in settings where you need a consistent and clear anchor to who you are professionally. 

Group Shots & Composites

Malone Portraits is happy to create custom composite images of each individual or your brand. This allows your business to change out key players without the hassle of getting everyone in the same place.

Business Branding

The images that come from our work together will express your story, your style, your hard work and give your clients the information they need to make the correct decision to work with you.

Event Photography

Nothing is more important in today’s world than hosting an event with people and getting to connect in real time. With AI taking over so much of what we see in reality, it is refreshing to host events and valuable to look at true images from them. These are the things that make up the pauses in our life and we need to have an object or a way to reflect on those experiences so we can truly value them.

estatic bride and groom getting their wedding photography services done by Malone Portraits


Your wedding day is the both the longest and shortest day of your life. We spend so much time planning these events and, due to the excitement and throw of the day, it’s almost impossible to remember it in any way except a blur. The photographs that we make of this day are truly what you get to hold on to forever.


There’s nothing harder than working on a huge party or celebration for a major moment or milestone in your life only to turn around and realize that no one took a picture. Having to rely on your guests and their cell phones is not the way that anyone should remember something they put this much effort into. By having an experienced team photograph your event, you get to enjoy the event itself.

corporate event photograph of LGBTQ+ child at the Target Pride Event in Minneapolis taken by Alison Malone

Corporate Events

In person interactions are the most driving component for brands to reach their target audience these days. The way that we make people feel while interacting with our businesses and products is how they will continue to speak about your company. having proper documentation of any event that is created for the benefit of your company only offers you a point of connection with your future customers.

Session Types


From the hundreds of local lakes and parks to the urban settings of downtown and industrial landscapes, Minneapolis provides inspiring environments that compliment who you are and what excites and inspires you. Feel your best in the environment of your choice and create memories of these places that stand the test of time.

adorable newborn photography by Malone Portraits in Minneapolis, Minnesota

At Your Home

We make so many memories in the spaces we live our lives. Some people are expert nesters. Some people live to create spaces that people gather in and share a connection that could never be rivaled by another setting. If your home is where you’re most comfortable, let me come to you.


In The Studio

Come visit my studio and enjoy the warm southern light falling through the historic windows of a 100 year old building. Set in the arts district of NE Minneapolis, the combination of century old brick and warm wood floors will create a neutral background to let your story unfold.

Looking For More?

Mini Sessions!


Sometimes you just want a few images and sometimes your children won’t sit still long enough for more than a few minutes. No matter the reason, you deserve to hold on to each brief moment in time and get to celebrate it without all the pressure that a larger session would have.

Custom Albums & Wall Art

One of my favorite things to help my clients with is to use my museum and gallery background to facilitate people living with their images in their homes and offices. I really love playing with scale and pattern and creating more than just a simple 8×10 on a wall. There’s nothing better than knowing my clients have invested in themselves not only to have images made but are willing to live with them and celebrate all of their accomplishments on a daily basis.

Nice words about me…

Working with Ali was a dream – from her professionalism and attention to detail before our shoots, to her easy going manner and humor during my headshot session – and totally allowed me to get the absolute most from my investment. I can’t recommend working with her enough!”

Amy K

Business Branding Client

Taking family pictures with Alison is a top notch experience, worth every penny and more!!!  She’s now taken our pictures for 3 years and she makes sure everything is perfect and painless. If you want high end but low stress family pictures- Alison is the perfect choice.  Plus, her work is gorgeous, she truly brings out the best of us in her pictures.”

Marie V

Portrait Client

“Ali is an incredible photographer with a deep understanding on how to actually capture the nuance of the person she’s photographing to make beautiful images. Not many can do this. She works harder than anyone I know in this line of work.

Kermit G

Headshot Client

“She was able to capture not just portraits of my kids’ faces, but with her vivacious personality and contagious energy was able to really get them to be themselves and capture their personalities in photo form.  Hands down the best school portraits we’ve ever done!”

Grace K

Portrait Client

“We look forward to every portrait session with Alison! She has a knack for putting my kids at ease and holding their attention for long stretches of time. Ali expertly captures the personalities of everyone in our family. I highly recommend her.

Liz M

Portrait Client

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