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All About Our Barbie Mini Sessions!

We’re thrilled to announce our inaugural Barbie Mini Sessions this Spring Break! Here’s the scoop:

Barbie has surged in popularity, thanks to Greta Gerwig’s movie, and I love that a new generation is embracing her. To celebrate inclusivity and the theme of limitless possibilities, we’re offering kids and adults the chance to step into a Barbie box and embody whatever character they desire. Whether it’s a sparkly outfit for a little boy or a doctor’s coat for a girl, these sessions are all about embracing authenticity and imagination. 

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So, what can you expect at the mini sessions?

Get ready for a fun-filled hour of Barbie fun! Alongside the photo session in the box, we’ll have dolls to play with, coloring activities, and a Barbie movie soundtrack dance party! And who knows? We might just have a surprise guest join in the festivities. It’s the perfect opportunity for kids to have a blast during spring break and show off their experiences when they return to school. After all, who can resist dressing up and grooving to Barbie tunes?

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Why did I buy the Barbie box?

The Barbie box came up as an impulse buy after my family and I became captivated by the Barbie movie. I saw all of the leftover memorabilia from Barbie parties flooding the marketplace and saw a fun opportunity. While it was just intended for me and my girls when I bought it on a whim, I started to get profound reactions from visitors at my photo studio. It didn’t matter their age or their gender, everybody just wanted to get in the Barbie box! There’s something truly magical about the box that encourages people to let go of their inhibitions and embrace the joy of play. It harks back to my own childhood experiences, where discovering a Barbie aisle meant uncovering endless possibilities of who I could be and it started to open up the world to celebrating differences.

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What’s the game plan?

My motivation for hosting these sessions stems from a desire to create joy in typically unfun moments, like the return to school after a break. Having spring break upon us and no plans for the kids, I thought to host something fun for anybody that’s sitting around during spring break not on vacation. This is an opportunity for caregivers to bond with their kids and for children to immerse themselves in a culturally relevant and iconic experience. It provides a little break in the day for anybody that’s trying to navigate the break in routine that school creates for our kids. As parents, we all know that routines are hated by children but necessary to regulate. Having an activity to look forward to during the week allows the kids to plan on something fun while still being simple and affordable. 

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What ages are these mini sessions suitable for?

These sessions are designed to cater to a wide range of ages, from young children to tweens. The Barbie box experience is all about embracing creativity and imagination, making it enjoyable for kids of various age groups.

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What do we wear?! Do we have to bring our own Barbies? 

We encourage you to wear whatever makes you feel the most confident. While participants are welcome to bring their own Barbie dolls if they’d like, we’ll have a selection of dolls available for use during the sessions. Accessories and props will be provided to ensure everyone can fully immerse themselves in the Barbie experience.

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Can parents or guardians join in the photo session?

Absolutely! The $75 ticket cover 3 digital images per person, but we’re offering the option to book pictures in groups up to 4 for a $200 bundle! Everyone is welcome to participate in the festivities and photo session alongside their children. It’s a great opportunity for some family fun and to capture cherished memories together!

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What is included in the price? Can I purchase additional digital images or prints?

Along with the festivities and photo session, the price includes 3 digital images with the option to purchase additional images or prints. We want you to have plenty of memories to cherish!


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